All You Need To Know About The Different Treatments For Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s Foot Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma can be defined as a type of growth that develops between the bones at the ball of the foot. Typically located between the third and fourth metatarsal head, the neuroma is a tumour arising in the nerve cells through a “pinching” of the nerves. This constriction is most often seen among women as they tend to wear restrictive shoes causing the tightness within that particular region. A burning sharp pain is felt due to the irritation and, if the irritation continues, inflammation will be experienced. Despite this being a very common condition with several types of medical treatments, many people who suffer from Morton’s neuroma will opt to continue without treating the problem. This can be damaging and can lead to a chronic condition; therefore, it is necessary to take some action when faced with this problem. This article, along with the help of, will provide information on the different treatments for Morton’s neuroma.

1. Massage And Cold Compression

One of the most common treatments for this type of neuroma is the foot massage. A massage simply requires removal of the constricting footwear and rubbing of the area to relieve the pain. Of course, the rubbing does not always treat inflammation; therefore, the addition of a cold compression would be highly beneficial as a means of treating swelling. Ideally, placement of ice treatment or cold compression for 5-10 minutes in combination with massage can be an effective treatment.

2. Orthotic Shoes

While many people will choose to relieve the pain of Morton’s neuroma through the use of massage, the majority will continue to wear constrictive shoes. Unfortunately, this can lead to more damage and potentially a chronic case of foot neuroma. In more severe cases where the nerve cells are becoming damaged, it is highly recommended that one consider the use of orthotic shoes. The orthotic shoe is a modification of traditional shoes allowing the base of the foot to be more supported and the toes to have more space. Sadly, this type of shoe is not cheap and purchasing this particular type of modified footwear can be quite costly.

3. Steroid Injection Therapy

Orthotic shoes can be highly beneficial for individuals suffering from mild forms of foot neuroma; however, there are those would prefer to opt for the steroid injection therapy rather than alter their footwear. The steroid injection therapy is typically seen among individuals who are being treated for more severe cases and require medical professionals to complete the treatment. Unfortunately, this treatment can also be quite expensive; however, it is much more beneficial for the individual in comparison to the removal surgery.

4. Nerve Cell Removal Surgery

The final form of treatment to be discussed is the nerve cell removal surgery. This type of treatment is kept for individuals suffering from severe foot neuroma and is only utilized as a last resort. The surgery requires a removal of the nerve cells in the area hopefully removing the neuroma tumour. A successful removal will treat the condition; however, unsuccessful surgeries can result in permanent numbness.