The Health Benefits Of Eucalyptus Essential Oil


If you are looking for a natural antiseptic, deodorant, decongestant and more, then you might want to consider using eucalyptus essential oil. This powerful oil has multiple health benefits and it doesn’t have any side effects. You can use it in multiple ways and it is completely natural. Read on to learn more about the uses and benefits of eucalyptus oil.

Eucalyptus oil makes a powerful antiseptic and you can use it to heal wounds, burns, sores and insect bites. It is both soothing and healing. The compounds in the oil stop microbes from growing which prevents infections. It is easy to use as well, just apply it directly to the wound and it will start working right away.

The oil also works well for respiratory issues. If you have a cold, the oil can stop all your irritating cold symptoms. It will treat a runny nose, sore throat, sinusitis and even asthma. The oil has antifungal and antimicrobial properties which make it a good choice for colds. There are also compounds in the oil that are antiviral and anti-inflammatory, along with decongestants that help you to breathe easier. You can also use the oil as a gargle if your throat is sore, just mix it with warm water.

If you are congested, you can rub a few drops of the oil into your chest and you will soon be able to breathe easier. The oil will increase the blood flow to your lungs and the anti-inflammatory compounds will reduce lung inflammation so you can breathe again. You will start feeling the relief in just minutes.

Another fantastic use for the oil is as a stimulant. If you feel like you need a little boost, you can inhale the scent of the oil and it will make you feel refreshed. It also works well when you are stressed out. Whenever you feel like you are losing mental energy or strength, take a whiff of eucalyptus oil and you will perk up right away. It takes away your stress and stimulates your brain. It brings more blood to your brain which allows you think more clearly.

Eucalyptus oil can also relive muscle pain. When your joints and muscles hurt, you can rub the oil directly into your skin for pain relief. Compounds in the oil stop inflammation and kill pain so you start feeling better again. You can find quality eucalyptus essential oil at This site offers free shipping for orders over $29 and new customers can get a discount on their first order.

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