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The Different Benefits And Drawbacks To Crossbow Hunting

While crossbow hunting was initially reserved for disabled hunters across the country, there are various US states that have changed their regulations permitting the use of crossbows for hunting large game by the general population. Traditionally, the use of crossbows was stipulated to be within specific locations; however, states such as New York now allow the crossbows to be used as a general hunting tool as long as the hunter has a permit.

This is welcome news for general hunters, particularly children and individuals interested in expanding their hunting experiences. However, there are others that are not pleased by this change in regulations and feel that the use of a crossbow offers hunters a significant advantage over the traditional compound bow. This article will provide information on the different benefits and drawbacks to using a crossbow for hunting.

What Are The Different Benefits To Using A Crossbow?

1. Less Effort Required

One of the greatest benefits to using a crossbow for hunting as compared to a traditional compound bow is that the crossbow is cocked. This means that it does not require the hunter to exert full effort or energy, meaning the hunter is able to concentrate on aiming at the prey. It is for this reason that crossbow hunting is ideal for people with disabilities or younger hunters.

2. Easier To Shoot

In addition to requiring less exertion, the crossbow can also be easier to use from a kneeling or sitting position. This is not possible with a compound bow which is considered difficult to carry and use. Hunters using crossbows will often do so from a resting position, which allows increase precision during a shot. If the crossbow has telescopic signs, the accuracy of the shot is enhanced and the hunt is more beneficial.

3. Faster Shots

Unlike the traditional compound bow, a crossbow can have a heavy draw weight of approximately 100 or 200 pounds. While some people consider a heavy draw weight to be a disadvantage, it is a benefit because it increases the velocity of a shot. Evidence has found that crossbows are able to shoot projectiles that move faster than the traditional compound bow.

What Are The Different Drawbacks To Using A Crossbow?

1. Larger And Heavier

Potentially the greatest drawback to using a crossbow when hunting is the fact that crossbows are larger and heavier than the standard compound bow. Crossbows, such as those found at TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, may be more accurate when shooting; however, the extra pounds and bulky shape make them uncomfortable to carry.

2. Slower To Reload

Another drawback to using a crossbow is that they are more difficult and slower to reload. This is partly due to the heavy draw weight and partly due to the bulky size. Needless to say, a slow reload will make a follow-up shot more difficult to complete.

3. Increased Noise

Crossbows are far louder than compound bows when used for hunting. A noisier hunting bow is not ideal when hunting game at short range because it can cause the animal to ‘jump the string’.

How To Find The Best Deal On A Hunting Crossbow

Using The Titan Crossbow

If you want to buy a hunting crossbow and you have looked at the price of them, you may be shocked at how expensive they can be. There are many out there that really aren’t that expensive or they are on sale. Here you will learn how to search and find the best deal on a hunting crossbow so you don’t break the bank buying one.

Shop in sporting goods stores and see what kind of selection they have. Many times they will have a pretty nice selection of hunting crossbows that you can see and look at in person. Check to see if they are on sale or ask a sales associate if there are any special promotions for buying any of the crossbows. They will be able to tell you if you can get an additional discount or how you can get one. They may even be able to tell you about upcoming sales or specials on the hunting crossbows they have.

Search online to find hunting bows for sale. There are many websites that have these bows on sale and there are also a variety of prices that you can find them. Search around and see which websites have crossbows on clearance and you will be able to find a great price on one. You will also want to search around to see if there are any coupons for the website you want to order your crossbow from before you place your order. Simply Google the retailer name and promo codes to see if there are any that are valid and can be applied to your order. If so, check the final price of the crossbow and figure out which retailer has the best price around.

Search on Facebook to see if you can find a hunting crossbow for sale. Facebook now has a marketplace which makes it easy to see which items are on sale. You will also be able to search specifically for crossbows to see what is for sale in your area. Look at the prices and the pictures of the crossbows to determine if you want to look at it in person and contact the seller to make arrangements. You can also post that you are in search of a hunting crossbow and want to purchase one. Make sure you note how much you want to spend on it and what kind of condition you expect it to be in. You will get offers for crossbows on sale that way too. These may be used, but will still be in good condition.

Use this advice and that found on to search around for the best price on a hunting crossbow. You will be able to find one in no time at all that is a great deal, even if it’s a used one. Use the methods above and you will be happy with the price you pay for a crossbow and you won’t break the bank buying one.

Affordable Places To Obtain A Crossbow For Deer Hunting

Crossbow And Rest

If you have ever gone hunting with a rifle, or even a bow, you will get the hang of using a crossbow. It is like a combination weapon, one that is very different from any other weapon you abused before. It is designed for accuracy and power. If you have planned a hunting trip, and you would prefer doing this type of hunting, you will need to get a crossbow that is going to work. There are specific ones that will work perfectly with Deer hunting. You just need to know where to go to get excellent deals on the best ones currently on the market.

Are Crossbows Ideal For Deer Hunting?

There are some people that do prefer hunting with crossbows, but it is, according to some, an acquired taste. If you are the type of person that likes to hunt in complete silence, you won’t have to worry about the sounds of bullets firing, or the potential for a bullet to ricochet and cause a dangerous situation. You are simply shooting an arrow at a high velocity at your intended target. As far as deer hunting goes, you need to be a little bit closer than you would with a rifle. However, it is still possible to shoot a deer while you are out in the woods. Crossbows are ideal, but you also need to consider the brand that you are purchasing.

Which Crossbows Should You Choose?

There are three that you ought to consider based upon price point. It depends on how much money you have to spend. You can go with a CenterPoint Sniper crossbow that comes in an entire package for about $250. If you want to move up from there, Wicked Ridge has their Invader line which is priced at about $500. This is also a package so you will get all of the accessories that you will need so you can get started. Finally, if you want to invest in the best, Ravin is the company for you. They have excellent packages that are right around $2000 each that will give you pinpoint accuracy and exceptional speed.

These, along with the information found on, are just a few things to think about if you’re going to go crossbow hunting, specifically going to do some deer hunting with some friends. This will help you pick the best one for your budget, and also to help you get one that is going to help you become a much more accurate hunter. You will likely be able to order one from a major sporting good store and have it sent to you within a few days. You could also go down to pick it up if you happen to be in a city where they have physical locations. Use these tips to find the most affordable prices on crossbows for deer hunting. Regardless of which one you choose, or how much you spend, you now know exactly what to get and where to get it so that you can save as much money as possible.

Tips For Choosing The Right Hunting Crossbows

Crossbow Target

Hunting crossbows have advanced over the past 20 years. There is now an entire range of things that must be considered when investing in one due to the new features being introduced, better materials, and more. Below, we will be going over some of the tips for choosing the right hunting crossbows.

Choosing The Right Hunting Crossbows:

1. Type

The first thing you should look at is the type of crossbow that you want and need. There are different kinds of options that you are going to need to choose from that are currently available on the marketplace. You must find the type that is going to be right for your situation whether you want a compound crossbow or a recurve. Compound crossbows generally have much shorter limbs which make them much easier to handle than recurves when you have little space to maneuver. A beginner’s guide can be found at if you want to know more.

2. Price

Another thing that you are going to want to consider is the price of the bow. You want to make sure that you are choosing a bow that fits well within your budget. By doing so, you should be able to find one that is going to provide you a good value for your money. The price is a major consideration for a lot of people because these products can be very expensive. With that being said, you shouldn’t skimp out on your purchase and opt for the lowest priced option on the marketplace just to save money over the short term. This is only going to lead to dissatisfaction in the long run and it might even end up costing more due to having to replace it in the future. Instead, you are going to want to opt for a bow that you can afford, but one that is going to offer you a long term solution. By spending extra to opt for a higher priced and better crossbow, you should be able to achieve better results and end up with a higher quality product.

3. Power Requirements

Another thing that you are going to want to do when you are trying to find the right crossbow to purchase is your power requirements. Crossbows are always ranked by draw weights. These weights can range anywhere from 80 up to 200 pounds. As a result, you want to find one that is going to be able to meet your needs when it comes to hunting.

Overall, there is so much that needs to be considered when you are trying to find the right bow to purchase. Not only do you want to factor in your budget, but you want to also think about the long term viability of the product in question. By doing all of this, you should be able to find the best possible bow to purchase and you will be able to get the most out of your purchase as well. There are many options on the market, you want to find the right one.

Is Crossbow Hunting Right For Your Family?

Moose Crossbow Hunting

There’s many reasons that might drive a household or family to consider taking up hunting as an activity. For some, it’s a chance to spend time together all doing the same activity. For others, it’s a chance to get everyone outdoors and into nature. The ability to teach kids survival skills is a plus for many parents, and a few just like knowing that they can hunt and secure their own food, should there ever be a scarcity in the future or economic upheaval. Even in a rich, stable nation, a disaster can temporarily disrupt food supply.

After the decision has been made to take up hunting, the next choice is how the hunting should be done. Rifles and firearms are often what hunters pick, but a number of individuals are actually turning to the crossbow as their weapon of choice.

This is not shocking given the explosion in the popularity of archery lately. While Jennifer Lawrence’s character of Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games” books and movies did not use a crossbow, per se, her use of bow and arrow inspired many young people, particularly girls and young women, into taking up archery. Another fictional element that is boosting the growth of archery is the killer crossbow-using Darryl from “The Walking Dead” post-apocalyptic zombie show on AMC.

The crossbow appeals to many parents because it is relatively safer than firearms. Children can be taught to use it at an earlier age, and practice can often take place in any backyard without needing access to a firing range.

Also, in most jurisdictions, owning a crossbow is not illegal. Nor do these weapons come with anywhere near the registration and ownership regulations and laws that guns do.

Another tremendous benefit of crossbows is that they are far cheaper than firearms, and as long as arrows are recovered, there’s no recurring expense for ammunition. That makes them a very budget-friendly way to hunt. Finding the best one is just a matter of going to Wessel Sports for a few tips.

After all the obvious practice and purchase benefits, there are also advantages to hunting with a crossbow. The much lower standards and level of restrictions means that hunting can happen with these weapons in far more places and locations then firearms, although you still need to check for local or state rules. Also, younger members of the family can often hunt longer, as their crossbows are likely to be lighter to carry than hunting rifles.

When it is time for an actual shot, crossbows make far less noise than hunting rifles, so they scare off far fewer animals. That means the next potential kill can be set up faster than one bullet shot emptying a valley for the next hour or so.

As mentioned earlier, the reasons why a family might take up crossbow hunting can range from a desire to get together outdoors to actually teaching kids how to survive in the woods on their own. Whatever your household’s motivation might be, consider all these reasons why crossbow hunting might be preferable to firearms.