How To Tell If Pokémon Cards Are Fake

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Collecting Pokémon cards is something that a lot of people enjoy. However, you need to be able to tell whether or not you are going to be buying a genuine card or if you are looking at a fake. There are a number of points that you can consider, including those found on, when looking at cards to check their authenticity.

Is Everything Displayed Correctly?

A lot of fake cards have mistakes on them that differentiate them from the real deal. The first issue comes with the pictures on the cards. Some fakes will have pictures of creatures that are not actually Pokémon. It is important that you know the different Pokémon and that you do not buy cards with questionable displays such as a creature that looks like a Digimon.

You should also take a look at the HP and attacks. If the HP is over 250 then the card is likely to be a fake and if the attacks do not exist then the card is a fake. The way that the HP is presented will also help you determine fakes. Many fake cards will state HP 80, but real cards will always have this displayed as 80 HP. Of course, when it comes to this you need to know how old the card is because newer genuine cards do display the HP as HP 80.

The energy symbols on the cards should also be looked at. Many fakes will have energy symbols that are larger than the originals, distorted or slightly offset. This is one of the differences that can be harder to see.

The card spelling is another area where you can often tell is a card is fake. The fake cards often misspell the name of the Pokémon or leave out the accent above the E in Pokémon. Some of the fake cards on the market will also spell the name of the attacks incorrectly or not have the energy signs under the attack.

Look At The Colors

If the color of the cards is too dark, smudged or incorrect then you could be looking at a fake card. However, you do need to be aware of the Shining Pokémon which are purposely colored incorrectly. Card colors are rarely a factory mistake and often a sign of a fake card.

The back of the card will also tell you if the card is a fake. The blue swirling design on the back of a fake card will often appear purple. The Poke Ball on the back of the card may also be upside down. On real cards, the red half will always be on top.

The Size And Weight

A fake card will often feel lighter and thinner than a real card. Some fakes have tried to compensate for this and will feel too stiff and heavy. Fake cards will also not have the copyright date or the illustrator listed on the bottom of the card. If you are unsure about the card then you should get a card which is similar and compare them.