What You Should Know About CTTB

Have you ever been to Mendocino County before? There is a small community called Ukiah. It is there that a very famous Buddhist community is located. It is called the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Although this may seem to be a very odd place for one of the most magnificent Buddhist temples, it is a very prominent part of this culture. It was started by an individual called Hsuan Hua who has helped thousands of people understand the religion of Buddhism. Also referred to as CTTB, let’s take a look at this extremely interesting location.

Who Was Hsuan Hua?

This individual was the founder of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. It is located on property that was once the site of a notorious asylum. Purchasing it for a very reasonable cost, the entire property was revamped into the Buddhist monastery. There are multiple structures there, and there is a gate that allows you to enter and exit. It resembles a very authentic Chinese structure. Everyone at the Buddhist temple follows a monastic code. It is ideally placed, close to San Francisco, which allows a substantial number of people to visit on a regular basis.

What Is The Purpose Of City Of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Although it is not technically a city, it does have 10,000 Buddhas. These are located in a particular area of the monastery. Specifically, it is a Chan Buddhist temple that has many statues, including a thousand-armed Avalokiteśvara statue. The 10,000 Buddhas are not statues. These are represented on artwork instead. These images are on the walls of the Jeweled Hall, and can be seen shortly after arriving at the facility. The purpose of this place is to provide people with an option to living a traditional modern-day life. This monastic society has attracted many people over the years, helping them to potentially find their purpose.

Vowels Associated With CTTB

The vows associated with this community include 18 that must be followed. This includes meditation daily, proper perception or concept of the universe, and the belief in a single God. These vows are taken by everyone that participates within the context of this community. There is also metaphysical thinking. This includes different fields such as astrology, divination, yet understanding physiology and medicine are also part of the program. However, what is most important is the purpose that this community gives those that are there. They have come from all different locations. It is perfect for anyone that is looking for something new that can change their life dramatically.

Traveling through northern California, along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, you may want to consider visiting this destination. CTTB is something that you may not be able to see unless you fly thousands of miles away. It is certainly a very special destination. Whether you know anything about Buddhism or Hsuan Hua, you will definitely enjoy this place. It is worth the trip, and may provide you with some insight to what Buddhism is and why these people choose this way of life.