The Different Benefits And Drawbacks To Crossbow Hunting

While crossbow hunting was initially reserved for disabled hunters across the country, there are various US states that have changed their regulations permitting the use of crossbows for hunting large game by the general population. Traditionally, the use of crossbows was stipulated to be within specific locations; however, states such as New York now allow the crossbows to be used as a general hunting tool as long as the hunter has a permit.

This is welcome news for general hunters, particularly children and individuals interested in expanding their hunting experiences. However, there are others that are not pleased by this change in regulations and feel that the use of a crossbow offers hunters a significant advantage over the traditional compound bow. This article will provide information on the different benefits and drawbacks to using a crossbow for hunting.

What Are The Different Benefits To Using A Crossbow?

1. Less Effort Required

One of the greatest benefits to using a crossbow for hunting as compared to a traditional compound bow is that the crossbow is cocked. This means that it does not require the hunter to exert full effort or energy, meaning the hunter is able to concentrate on aiming at the prey. It is for this reason that crossbow hunting is ideal for people with disabilities or younger hunters.

2. Easier To Shoot

In addition to requiring less exertion, the crossbow can also be easier to use from a kneeling or sitting position. This is not possible with a compound bow which is considered difficult to carry and use. Hunters using crossbows will often do so from a resting position, which allows increase precision during a shot. If the crossbow has telescopic signs, the accuracy of the shot is enhanced and the hunt is more beneficial.

3. Faster Shots

Unlike the traditional compound bow, a crossbow can have a heavy draw weight of approximately 100 or 200 pounds. While some people consider a heavy draw weight to be a disadvantage, it is a benefit because it increases the velocity of a shot. Evidence has found that crossbows are able to shoot projectiles that move faster than the traditional compound bow.

What Are The Different Drawbacks To Using A Crossbow?

1. Larger And Heavier

Potentially the greatest drawback to using a crossbow when hunting is the fact that crossbows are larger and heavier than the standard compound bow. Crossbows, such as those found at TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, may be more accurate when shooting; however, the extra pounds and bulky shape make them uncomfortable to carry.

2. Slower To Reload

Another drawback to using a crossbow is that they are more difficult and slower to reload. This is partly due to the heavy draw weight and partly due to the bulky size. Needless to say, a slow reload will make a follow-up shot more difficult to complete.

3. Increased Noise

Crossbows are far louder than compound bows when used for hunting. A noisier hunting bow is not ideal when hunting game at short range because it can cause the animal to ‘jump the string’.