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Author Wayne H. Grover

If we all don't help save the planet, mankind will disappear forever. 


Welcome teachers, students, parents and, of course all children to Greenwillow Children's author Wayne Grover's web site.

Because so many teachers have sent me class letters and individual letters over the years, we have built this web site so we can exchange ideas and I can answer your questions about wild dolphins and other interesting subjects.  

There is a growing concern among the young people of the world about the declining natural habitats and the loss of entire animal species due to man's greed and inattention to the fragile eco-balance.

Together, you students can change the world and make it a better and safer place for all of our animal and bird friends.

On this site there are pages for you to read about my dolphin and eagle series of books.

I have recently posted my latest book, "Dolphin Mystery" on this web site in order for teachers and their classes to read the book together electronically.

I know this latest dolphin story will challenge what you thought you knew about dolphin intelligence and more...much more.

I welcome your questions about the natural universe and your opinions about what you and your fellow students can do to help assure the future of our Planet Earth. 


Wayne H. Grover

Wayne Grover is an accomplished freelance journalist specializing in marine research, historical wrecks, conservation, and ecology.

Mr. Grover is the author of Dolphin Adventure, Dolphin Freedom, Dolphin Treasure, and Ali and the Golden Eagle.

He lives in Lantana, Florida.


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