Why Buying Fair Trade Coffee Is A Great Idea

Coffee Bean Art

In an ever more complex world isn’t it great to know that consumers can make a huge difference to the lives of those who may not be as privileged as they are? One of the ways to make that real difference could be as simple as buying a pound of Fair Trade coffee – or simply ordering a cup from an outlet that makes that morning pick me up from Fair Trade beans.

Fair Trade isn’t simply a logo pasted onto the side of a pound of beans. It’s actually a very real contributor to both social welfare and making sure that the planet remains sustainable in the long term.

The way that this happens is that Fair Trade coffee is slightly more expensive than coffee that is produced from larger unaccredited plantations. In fact Fair Trade coffee is around 10 cents per pound more expensive – and that money is used to protect and nurture the efforts of smaller independent coffee growers. In fact those coffee growers benefit from the oversight of the Fair Trade organizations in both the United States and Europe.

By providing a platform for Fair Trade growers to act together the organisation allows them to act as a collective. This means that together they can leverage the power of numbers. this makes a huge impact as far as purchasing power is concerned. Whereas prior to the advent of Fair Trade a grower was simply at the mercy of organizations that provided essential supplies such as fertilizer. And not to forget the banking system. Like most farmers coffee growers rely on finance to keep going from one growing season to the next.

With the support of the Fair Trade movement behind them these smaller growers can now bargain collectively and that makes an enormous difference to not only the survival of their farms – but also means that that workers who rely on these plantations can enjoy a much better quality of life.

But it’s not just workers and plantation owners across the world that benefit – it’s the planet itself. Fair Trade sets out membership criteria that also places a responsibility on the growers to farm using sustainable methods – and that means that the environment is also protected.

So consumers need to be aware that the cup of coffee that they are drinking in not a simple beverage – it’s also a way to help out by making a simple purchasing decision. It is perhaps one of the easiest ways to make a real difference to the world around us. That cup of coffee may not seem like it could do so much, but just by taking a sip consumers are really going to make the world a better place. And – it’s not that much extra to spend to have that perfect peace of mind that you are making as real difference.

Fair Trade coffee is taking the world by storm – and it’s simply the right thing to do when we are faced with an ever more complex world. For more reasons please go to springgreenartfest.com to read their write-up.